Friday, May 24, 2019

Help in boomerang land

Well, I have to say it is an amazing experience just to help people,  I have learnt a lot from sharing what I know from years of making boomerangs,  every now and then I get people asking me all sorts of questions, mostly regarding how to throw and tune boomerangs, it's something that is learnt over time just like anything really,  the only difference is there isn't much information about the subject!!, there is probably two really informative boomerang books that go into great depth on the subject. 

I have found some new and amazing friends on social media,  some are completely new to the craft and some have been making a lot longer than me, all this keep it interesting and only want to help people more and more,  it also give me an avenue to share my information with those that want to know more.  I think the social media has been so important to connect with other boomerang throwers,  I have made some great friends that will continue in this amazing sport,  whether they are recreational throwers or competition throwers it's all amazing.

Saturday, May 11, 2019

New Boomerang Range

Well, I am changing the way I paint my boomerangs, I have tried many finishes and I have found that people are loving the new stencil designs, the new range will be vibrant and exciting and fresh.  Also I have some new boomerang shapes in the works, some of the exciting new boomerangs will be for trick catching, fast catch, and Aussie can visit my site for more info:

Friday, May 3, 2019

Testing New Boomerangs

Coming up with new boomerang designs can be a daunting task,  it takes many hours to make the perfect boomerang to perform a particular task, there are many failures and many victories, also there can be many trips to the park back and forth constantly tweaking and trying different materials to get it right. 
Boomerang making is definitely a labor of love, I have literally made thousands of boomerangs, some have been great and some just needed a little bit more time and redesign to be great. 
I am working on several new designs right now that will be for fast catch and trick catch competition, also I am looking at older designs that can possibly be made more user friendly with just a few design changes.
All boomerangs I make are available from my website 

Monday, December 24, 2018

Magnificent Throw Around The World Boomerang Event

Hi everyone, well the 21st December was a special day, all boomerang throwers around the world were invited to throw a boomerang on the same day. The significance of the day was in 2012 the world was meant to end on the 21st of December 2012, as we know it didn't because we are all still here ! To celebrate life and the continuation of life and everything it brings to us we as boomerang throwers throw on this day every year since 2012.

This event was brought about by American boomerang maker and thrower David Fantone, he is an amazing boomerang maker and highly regarded the world over for his performance boomerangs.

The following is my account of the day.

It was a rainy and miserable day here in Tasmania on the day of the throw, I said to my wife I that I am going to wait for a break in the weather and I am going to throw even if its raining, nothing was going to stop me participating in this amazing event, that afternoon there was a break in the weather, I quickly grabbed my video camera and my David Fantone "Juff" boomerang, and drove down the park, I did some test throws and a quick tune up and ready to go, I really had that boomerang dialed in, the performance was amazing, I just stood there for over half an hour and filmed, I drove home and started up the computer did some editing and added a soundtrack, it turned out pretty good, I uploaded the video to Facebook and shared it with the boomerang community.  I checked with my fellow throwers uploads and there were so many video presentations added too, it was great to see everyone joining in and making this event great. I will do this every year from now on.

Please watch the video to see the awesome flight of the "Juff" boomerang.

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Friday, November 23, 2018

Amazing Night Throw

I cant remember what year it was but somewhere in the 90s ? a few of my boomerang friends decided to go into the city of Sydney and do a night boomerang throw, it was late and dark but this was a great idea, from memory the photo was to be used as part of a presentation for an upcoming boomerang competition and to be given away as part of the awards.

Gunther, Kevin and I hopped in the car and drove to the city, we found an amazing spot right next to the harbor, the lights from the buildings were shining on the water, the Sydney opera house and Harbor bridge were in full view, this was the perfect setting for a photo, all our boomerangs had sparklers attached to get the effect of the flight of the boomerang, we threw and threw all trying to get the honor of the perfect shot, my boomerang landed in the harbor, Kevin said to me "Go on be a man dive in and get it" my response "There is no way I am going in to get that" it was dark and scary looking in the water and I didn't want to be food for the possibility of sharks lurking beneath the surface !!

Kevin had the winning photo, he was throwing one of my boomerangs as he left his boomerangs at home, I was happy for my old mate Kevin to have the honor of what can be described as the perfect boomerang photo, truly magnificent. Visit us at:

Friday, November 16, 2018


When I started making boomerangs there wasn't much help available regarding how to do this and how to do that, I taught myself, I asked lots of questions to fellow boomerang throwers but when you are competing against other throwers it can be difficult to get information because after all they want to win too! I actually questioned a thrower as to why he doesn't help me, his response was "Of course I don't help you because you are a really good thrower".

The word persistence springs to mind when I think about my struggle to design a better boomerang that would suit my needs in competition, I can remember buying sheet after sheet of a variety of plastics in order to learn the craft, most of the plastic ended up as waste and went into the bin, it seemed to me just too hard to learn how to shape the different boomerangs into flying and returning objects, I would spend countless hours running back and forth to the park, making subtle adjustments in tuning to get the desired result, sometimes it was so frustrating that I wanted to give up but I couldn't give up, my mind was telling me to keep going, keep trying, so that's exactly what I did, many times i wanted to stop and get another hobby to do, I kept thinking I was wasting my time and money. what is the point.  Many times I stopped but would always come back to boomerang making and throwing, something kept driving me on.

To me i see all the wasted sheets of plastic the cost of materials and the countless hours trying to get it right were just my way of teaching myself, there isn't a boomerang making class or school to learn the craft of making boomerangs, I had to truly do it myself.  Now I can  say I don't waste materials like in the past, my own personal experience and found knowledge over time has helped me to grasp the idea of what works and what doesn't work in designing boomerangs, I can tell what is going to work when it is in the early
designing phase, I can also judge what materials are going to work better than others for a particular design, don't get me wrong, I still make errors but it isn't what it was like in my early years of boomerang making, less waste and less mistakes and definitely persistenc.

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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Boomerangs changed my life

Hi my name is Adam Carroll and I make and throw boomerangs, I have been doing this for 28 years, I was looking for something different to do and I tried a few different sports but none of them grabbed my attention like boomerangs. One day I went to an archery range, I could see all the high tech bows with counterweights and sights and many other gadgets to shoot in a straight line, it seemed like it made it less intuitive to do and to me took away from basic skill, anyway, that afternoon i went home from the archery range, i sat down in front of the TV and saw a story at the end of the news, it was Australia versus the USA at the boomerang world championships, one of the contestants caught the boomerang in between his feet!!!, my brain instantly switched on and I had to know more about boomerangs, I became totally obsessed with the flight and how they worked, just amazing, I now lived and breathed boomerangs. I purchased boomerangs from a local supplier, the business was run from a house, I purchased a basic two wing plywood boomerang, it was cheap but it really flew great, I threw that boomerang night and day, I would go anywhere there were lights on, any park, even throwing in the street, dangerous but fun. This was only the start of my obsession.

I decided to make my own boomerangs, I purchased a wide variety of materials to work with, everything from plastic to wood and even aluminum, I had to try everything in the search for the perfect boomerang, I eventually settled on using plastic as my main material of choice, I found plastic to be more consistent in density and easy to shape. I went through so much plastic trying to master boomerang making, learning what works and what doesn't work, I found the experience sometimes challenging and frustrating, there was no one to turn too for advice, no internet back then to search for ideas, I persevered and persevered till I had the desired results.

When I became really good at making and throwing boomerangs I decided to enter boomerang competitions, I made some great friends and had some fun times with them. I still make boomerangs till this day, many of the throwers have gone but new throwers come along still as keen as ever to learn the craft. Just about every country throws boomerangs, its cheap to do and it can be done alone or with other people, ever tried to get a soccer ball to return ?
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