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Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Awesome Trick Boomerangs

I have been experimenting with a wide variety of plastic for my trick catch boomerangs, some turned out good and some great, I have tried many ideas and designs.  For trick catch boerangs I knew I needed a plastic with high density and very thin, this was the criteria, the reason for high density is so the boomerang would have better wind resistance, the same goes for the thickness, if it is thinner it will also be wind resistant and be able to cope better with the conditions.  I have been using PVC for years but predominantly in 3mm thickness, I purchased a sheet in 1.5mm thickness and got to work on cutting out and shaping some tribladers shapes, these turned out great and the proof is in the performance !

I went to the park and threw some doubler style booms and they went up very high and I found them to be super stable with a gentle hover, fantastic, I am hooked, the PVC is the way to go for trick booms.

I will now be making all my trick booms in pvc, these will be available shortly on my website at ONE Boomerangs

Monday, November 11, 2019

Grippy surface or smooth, that is the question ?

I've made many boomerangs and I've done pretty paint jobs, all smooth and shiny for customers, this is fine and the customers I'm sure appreciate it but smooth can also mean slippery, of course this depends on the conditions and the throwers grip and hand strength.  Some boomerangs on the market feature really glossy finishes but very little grip, especially when wet, of course I can't speak for all boomerangs on the market but I have noticed some throwers adding grip tape to a smooth boomerang when I think it could be added during the finishing of the boomerang.  Of course in the end it comes down to what the customer wants. The above picture of a ONE Boomerangs "Spirit" boomerang features a very grippy surface and I believe it still looks presentable.

These days I prefer to add texture to the surface of the boomerang to increase grip, sure they mightn't be as pretty to look at but I have always placed boomerang performance as the #1 criteria, it has to fly how it was intended, also I don't want the boomerang to slip from my hand and go wayward toward some destination not intended.

I add grip by sanding the surface and leaving it quite rough, then I wet & dry the surface to remove any fuzz from the plastic, then it's basically ready for painting, once dry I am left with an incredibly grippy surface.  The textured surface adds slight drag to the flight but I consider this a bonus as drag can be a boomerang throwers best friend.

So my question to other makers out there is their preference to have a not so pretty grippy surface or a glossy pretty looking surface ?

ONE Boomerangs

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Why I Choose Plastic for Boomerang Making

Well, when I first started making boomerangs I could see it was a hard task, not only was good quality plywood hard to find but if you did find some it cost The earth to buy, I did try a wide variety of plywood, everything from Queensland maple, Hoop pine, Meranti and Finish birch, all reasonable quality but I couldn't find any consistency from sheet to sheet, the grain varied a lot and the density was always different and not consistent, this doesn't help repeat ability when making boomerangs. I like the fact to that plastic is incredibly easy to tune without breaking, especially polypropylene.

Then I had a bright spark, what about I use plastic, not only is it consistent in density but it's easily available and there is a diverse range of plastic that are more readily up the the job, polypropyle was available just down the road from where I lived, this was great, the only one that seemed hard to get was phenolic but a few phone calls sorted that out and I came a cross several obliging shops happy to sell to a boomerang maker, so I was all set to make awesome boomerangs.

Now many years later I still use the same plastics which I came across many years ago. Plastic is well suited to boomerang making and it is so versatile and readily available, I love it.

Get your very own boomerang from 

Saturday, November 2, 2019

Want to choose a colour or design

Wow, the possibilities are endless, the colours and designs can all be chosen at random, want a particular colour ??, If I have it in stock you can have it, that is the beauty of choosing a boomerang from you the customer get to choose a real Australian made boomerang, not a boomerang that is designed to be hung on a wall, you get a boomerang that has been thoroughly tested and refined over many years, at www.oneboomerangs we stand behind what we sell, real returning quality boomerangs at cheap prices.  All ONE Boomerangs are made from high quality German polymer, no cheap rubbish plastic, you will only receive the best made in Australia again at reasonable prices.  After 30 years of making boomerangs I know what I am talking about and if you aren't fully satisfied you will receive a full money back guarantee, I want you happy with what I have made, that is most important. 
So next time I put are looking for something special and unique then look no further than purchasing an amazing boomerang made by Adam Carroll at

Spirit boomerang makes a return!

Wow, by popular demand the amazing Spirit boomerang will be reintroduced to the ONE Boomerangs Catalog, some people are referring to the Spirit as the best boomerang they have ever thrown, I have been inundated with requests to bring it back, so it will be up as soon as I can get to it.  New features will include a thinner Polypropylene material that makes it a superior and fantastic performing boomerang, who would have thought this boomerang could be improved any further but I have managed to squeeze all I can out of this boomerang, same distance but even easier to throw.  I have also made the Spirit boomerang more compact by including a mini version and the regular all time favourite that everyone loves.  You will be able to buy your Spirit from very soon, and remember that one boomerangs is the home of made to order boomerangs, we specialise in performance boomerangs and not mass produced sausages.

Friday, May 24, 2019

Help in boomerang land

Well, I have to say it is an amazing experience just to help people,  I have learnt a lot from sharing what I know from years of making boomerangs,  every now and then I get people asking me all sorts of questions, mostly regarding how to throw and tune boomerangs, it's something that is learnt over time just like anything really,  the only difference is there isn't much information about the subject!!, there is probably two really informative boomerang books that go into great depth on the subject. 

I have found some new and amazing friends on social media,  some are completely new to the craft and some have been making a lot longer than me, all this keep it interesting and only want to help people more and more,  it also give me an avenue to share my information with those that want to know more.  I think the social media has been so important to connect with other boomerang throwers,  I have made some great friends that will continue in this amazing sport,  whether they are recreational throwers or competition throwers it's all amazing.

Saturday, May 11, 2019

New Boomerang Range

Well, I am changing the way I paint my boomerangs, I have tried many finishes and I have found that people are loving the new stencil designs, the new range will be vibrant and exciting and fresh.  Also I have some new boomerang shapes in the works, some of the exciting new boomerangs will be for trick catching, fast catch, and Aussie can visit my site for more info: