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Monday, December 24, 2018

Magnificent Throw Around The World Boomerang Event

Hi everyone, well the 21st December was a special day, all boomerang throwers around the world were invited to throw a boomerang on the same day. The significance of the day was in 2012 the world was meant to end on the 21st of December 2012, as we know it didn't because we are all still here ! To celebrate life and the continuation of life and everything it brings to us we as boomerang throwers throw on this day every year since 2012.

This event was brought about by American boomerang maker and thrower David Fantone, he is an amazing boomerang maker and highly regarded the world over for his performance boomerangs.

The following is my account of the day.

It was a rainy and miserable day here in Tasmania on the day of the throw, I said to my wife I that I am going to wait for a break in the weather and I am going to throw even if its raining, nothing was going to stop me participating in this amazing event, that afternoon there was a break in the weather, I quickly grabbed my video camera and my David Fantone "Juff" boomerang, and drove down the park, I did some test throws and a quick tune up and ready to go, I really had that boomerang dialed in, the performance was amazing, I just stood there for over half an hour and filmed, I drove home and started up the computer did some editing and added a soundtrack, it turned out pretty good, I uploaded the video to Facebook and shared it with the boomerang community.  I checked with my fellow throwers uploads and there were so many video presentations added too, it was great to see everyone joining in and making this event great. I will do this every year from now on.

Please watch the video to see the awesome flight of the "Juff" boomerang.

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