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Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Why I Choose Plastic for Boomerang Making

Well, when I first started making boomerangs I could see it was a hard task, not only was good quality plywood hard to find but if you did find some it cost The earth to buy, I did try a wide variety of plywood, everything from Queensland maple, Hoop pine, Meranti and Finish birch, all reasonable quality but I couldn't find any consistency from sheet to sheet, the grain varied a lot and the density was always different and not consistent, this doesn't help repeat ability when making boomerangs. I like the fact to that plastic is incredibly easy to tune without breaking, especially polypropylene.

Then I had a bright spark, what about I use plastic, not only is it consistent in density but it's easily available and there is a diverse range of plastic that are more readily up the the job, polypropyle was available just down the road from where I lived, this was great, the only one that seemed hard to get was phenolic but a few phone calls sorted that out and I came a cross several obliging shops happy to sell to a boomerang maker, so I was all set to make awesome boomerangs.

Now many years later I still use the same plastics which I came across many years ago. Plastic is well suited to boomerang making and it is so versatile and readily available, I love it.

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