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Saturday, November 2, 2019

Want to choose a colour or design

Wow, the possibilities are endless, the colours and designs can all be chosen at random, want a particular colour ??, If I have it in stock you can have it, that is the beauty of choosing a boomerang from you the customer get to choose a real Australian made boomerang, not a boomerang that is designed to be hung on a wall, you get a boomerang that has been thoroughly tested and refined over many years, at www.oneboomerangs we stand behind what we sell, real returning quality boomerangs at cheap prices.  All ONE Boomerangs are made from high quality German polymer, no cheap rubbish plastic, you will only receive the best made in Australia again at reasonable prices.  After 30 years of making boomerangs I know what I am talking about and if you aren't fully satisfied you will receive a full money back guarantee, I want you happy with what I have made, that is most important. 
So next time I put are looking for something special and unique then look no further than purchasing an amazing boomerang made by Adam Carroll at

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