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Friday, November 23, 2018

Amazing Night Throw

I cant remember what year it was but somewhere in the 90s ? a few of my boomerang friends decided to go into the city of Sydney and do a night boomerang throw, it was late and dark but this was a great idea, from memory the photo was to be used as part of a presentation for an upcoming boomerang competition and to be given away as part of the awards.

Gunther, Kevin and I hopped in the car and drove to the city, we found an amazing spot right next to the harbor, the lights from the buildings were shining on the water, the Sydney opera house and Harbor bridge were in full view, this was the perfect setting for a photo, all our boomerangs had sparklers attached to get the effect of the flight of the boomerang, we threw and threw all trying to get the honor of the perfect shot, my boomerang landed in the harbor, Kevin said to me "Go on be a man dive in and get it" my response "There is no way I am going in to get that" it was dark and scary looking in the water and I didn't want to be food for the possibility of sharks lurking beneath the surface !!

Kevin had the winning photo, he was throwing one of my boomerangs as he left his boomerangs at home, I was happy for my old mate Kevin to have the honor of what can be described as the perfect boomerang photo, truly magnificent. Visit us at:

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