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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Boomerangs changed my life

Hi my name is Adam Carroll and I make and throw boomerangs, I have been doing this for 28 years, I was looking for something different to do and I tried a few different sports but none of them grabbed my attention like boomerangs. One day I went to an archery range, I could see all the high tech bows with counterweights and sights and many other gadgets to shoot in a straight line, it seemed like it made it less intuitive to do and to me took away from basic skill, anyway, that afternoon i went home from the archery range, i sat down in front of the TV and saw a story at the end of the news, it was Australia versus the USA at the boomerang world championships, one of the contestants caught the boomerang in between his feet!!!, my brain instantly switched on and I had to know more about boomerangs, I became totally obsessed with the flight and how they worked, just amazing, I now lived and breathed boomerangs. I purchased boomerangs from a local supplier, the business was run from a house, I purchased a basic two wing plywood boomerang, it was cheap but it really flew great, I threw that boomerang night and day, I would go anywhere there were lights on, any park, even throwing in the street, dangerous but fun. This was only the start of my obsession.

I decided to make my own boomerangs, I purchased a wide variety of materials to work with, everything from plastic to wood and even aluminum, I had to try everything in the search for the perfect boomerang, I eventually settled on using plastic as my main material of choice, I found plastic to be more consistent in density and easy to shape. I went through so much plastic trying to master boomerang making, learning what works and what doesn't work, I found the experience sometimes challenging and frustrating, there was no one to turn too for advice, no internet back then to search for ideas, I persevered and persevered till I had the desired results.

When I became really good at making and throwing boomerangs I decided to enter boomerang competitions, I made some great friends and had some fun times with them. I still make boomerangs till this day, many of the throwers have gone but new throwers come along still as keen as ever to learn the craft. Just about every country throws boomerangs, its cheap to do and it can be done alone or with other people, ever tried to get a soccer ball to return ?
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