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Friday, November 16, 2018


When I started making boomerangs there wasn't much help available regarding how to do this and how to do that, I taught myself, I asked lots of questions to fellow boomerang throwers but when you are competing against other throwers it can be difficult to get information because after all they want to win too! I actually questioned a thrower as to why he doesn't help me, his response was "Of course I don't help you because you are a really good thrower".

The word persistence springs to mind when I think about my struggle to design a better boomerang that would suit my needs in competition, I can remember buying sheet after sheet of a variety of plastics in order to learn the craft, most of the plastic ended up as waste and went into the bin, it seemed to me just too hard to learn how to shape the different boomerangs into flying and returning objects, I would spend countless hours running back and forth to the park, making subtle adjustments in tuning to get the desired result, sometimes it was so frustrating that I wanted to give up but I couldn't give up, my mind was telling me to keep going, keep trying, so that's exactly what I did, many times i wanted to stop and get another hobby to do, I kept thinking I was wasting my time and money. what is the point.  Many times I stopped but would always come back to boomerang making and throwing, something kept driving me on.

To me i see all the wasted sheets of plastic the cost of materials and the countless hours trying to get it right were just my way of teaching myself, there isn't a boomerang making class or school to learn the craft of making boomerangs, I had to truly do it myself.  Now I can  say I don't waste materials like in the past, my own personal experience and found knowledge over time has helped me to grasp the idea of what works and what doesn't work in designing boomerangs, I can tell what is going to work when it is in the early
designing phase, I can also judge what materials are going to work better than others for a particular design, don't get me wrong, I still make errors but it isn't what it was like in my early years of boomerang making, less waste and less mistakes and definitely persistenc.

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