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Friday, May 24, 2019

Help in boomerang land

Well, I have to say it is an amazing experience just to help people,  I have learnt a lot from sharing what I know from years of making boomerangs,  every now and then I get people asking me all sorts of questions, mostly regarding how to throw and tune boomerangs, it's something that is learnt over time just like anything really,  the only difference is there isn't much information about the subject!!, there is probably two really informative boomerang books that go into great depth on the subject. 

I have found some new and amazing friends on social media,  some are completely new to the craft and some have been making a lot longer than me, all this keep it interesting and only want to help people more and more,  it also give me an avenue to share my information with those that want to know more.  I think the social media has been so important to connect with other boomerang throwers,  I have made some great friends that will continue in this amazing sport,  whether they are recreational throwers or competition throwers it's all amazing.

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